can any one explain this simple script

hi developers , i,m a begginer and i want any one to explain this script for (best score system)
i want under stand whats happening exactly in this two lines of script , then how i can show the best score in my game .

    	print(" your score"+Score.Myscore);

( Score.Myscore ) is the static variable for current score .

//If the highscore is less than current score, set highscore
//Setting the “High score” using player prefs.
//Print current score to console
print(“sadfdsafdsa your score”+Score.Myscore);

So basically What these lines of code are doing is setting the high score. The if statement is retrieving the players highest score using PlayPrefs.GetInt(). The value stored in the player prefs for the attribute “BestScore” is the players high score. It is being compared against the current score. If the highscore is less than the current score you are changing the highscore.

In English code:

IF ( Highscore LESSTHAN currentScore) {

 SET Highscore = currentScore