Can anybody list the supported push notification services and in App purchase services with Unity3D ?

I am working on a game which needs in app purchases and push notification services to be integrated. I would like to know which of the push notification and In app purchase services supported in Unity3D (Single service for both iphone and android versions).

For in-app purchase, Soomla plugin is the best as it works fine and also its free.

Hey sujith.ks,
For the push notifications you can try this asset:

Best regards, Yuriy.

Adding to the list,

We developed Cross Platform Native Plugins , which provides a unified access to use Local and Push notifications on iOS and Android with same lines of code(unified API).

It has many other features (In-App purchases, Webview, Leaderboards & Achievements (coming soon) and more). Here is what notifications feature can do

  • Supports both Local and Remote

  • Repeat Local Notifications for a time

  • Customize the Keys you want to send
    in the payload

  • Custom Large Icon, Sound allowed

  • Support for setting small White icon
    on >= 5.0 devices

  • Receive Launched start up

  • Receive notifications when in
    background or when app is not running

*Please note that Android targeted for Play Store.
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