Can anyone advise why some lights dont light?

Can any one give me reasons for why some lights render great and others .. dont?


more over, how to fix it, cos similar situations work fine, but ive a few areas where lights just dont light right

Okay so based on the other thread, your scale seems good, but maybe it's only technically good? What happens if you make a light parented by nothing?

Maybe too many additional lights enabled at once?

For now, give more details on the original post, like, are you using URP or HDRP? are those baked lightmaps? which version of unity? LTS or BETA? also, show the settings of your lights, all that for new people that doesn't have any previous knowledge about your problem, please
Edit: I'm asking for more details because with that, is easier to get the issue

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OK, so there are a total of 68 lights in my scene.. why only like (quick count) 10 dont work? so like the view above, (although note, the above currently has cheered up but 10 have not, and this light has not changed... this is the kinda stuff that annoys me)

for those just joining

I have gotten to my wits on this, there are 3 types of lights.. a candle, wall torches, floor torches. They are prefab instances, and all have been reset to be as prefab, so they are identical. There arent many candles.. in fact right now there is only 1 candle, and if players have any sense the pick it up so they can see, otherwise... see first picture :smile:

this is currently unity 6 preview - ive been trying for 18 months with versions along the way, in fact this is the first version thats actually converted and ive got even remotely close to what it was like in built in. It had worked a dream except the fps was less than ideal, given my target is webgl, I already have one hand tied behind me. So, i wanted urp as it and then webgpu lead to faster fps which allows me to do more.. cant use hdrp after all.

Are there too many lights - well there shouldnt be - why? well other than light culling should take care of that right, each "room" in my map is exactly that, every corridor, every room is a box of its own, the maze is not 1 item. the lights are children of the room they live in. I even wrote a script because i wasnt convinced the light culling happened the way we all think it should, and so, if room OnBecameVisible enables the children, and OnBecameInvisible disables the children, so the only lights in a scene are the ones in visible rooms, which is not a lot..

So, for 18 months I have taken my game, converted to urp, tweaked things to make it work, sighed cos the light leaks were huge, for those who missed out, tried things which people have said, wasted one or two evenings (as I am not a full timer I do this in my spare time) and then had to roll back cos i couldnt have my game like that.

this was a specific spot in built in RP

this was the same spot by default after conversion so clearly it did not convert settings well, but i also dont know urp as this is really my first venture into it, and well built in worked right straight out the tin.


so the fact i have now got darkness where there should be darkness right now, is the best ive succeeded and in part I think a number of the unity 6 changes have helped with that, fps is good but, i have some lights that dont light...

I am a programmer, i cant art, I have less than zero art skills and even less in lighting.. other than logic.. built in and I understood each other, it worked just like my human brain expected, if the door is open light came out of the room, if the door was shut the light did not..

words are not my friends. I am dyslexic and slightly autistic, there is only me, and in part i am making this because i want to, not because i expect to make millions or anything, in fact the only person i expected would at least try if i asked died a few years ago

so, please I have no understanding of lighting, i did the unity 9+ hour lighting course and it hasnt helped answer any of this. It for sure needs a section called "when lighting doesnt"

PS - on the previous thread of helpfulness, someone pointed out my floor lamps having intensity of 96 was waaaay too much, well not having it meant it was like a fart in a hurricane.. it lit all but nothing and id had to change all the lighting values.. and for floor lamps to light like they used to 96 seems to be the closest value.

it is currently a shader graph shader i made, so all the textures work by global position, but, even when changed to lit - same deal.

built in RP was for general porpuses, you need to understand that URP is for mobiles or low-end devices to mid-end devices, so for good lighting you need to bake lightmaps... You can use APV but for now i suggest you to use basic lightmaps, i'll put a link for a pretty basic tutorial, also make sure your objects/walls are statics, you need that for lightmaps to be baked on those walls, also if you are importing those objects from a 3d software like blender for example, you need to create UV Maps, if not, you can use the "Generate lightmaps UV" from the import settings

Set your objects to "Static" for baked lightmaps:

Import Settings (use this settings if your objects has not uv maps previously created):

Basic Lightmaps tutorial (the guy here uses "baked" on the light mode, but you can use "Mixed" depends on your scene's need:

OK I can confirm all lights are already static in fact all things that dont move are static, eg only player and enemies and doors are not.

as the walls are probuilder the UVs are made in unity, the decript stuff and skeles are not me made, so I would have expected having paid money they would be OK..

Pretty weird... it seems like your basic settings are right but still looks like is not working. I'm reallyl intrigued, maybe you should report a bug with unity's tool but, can you .zip your project and send it to me? if is not too much problem of course

There is a limit on the number of lights depending on the platform and the render path.

Yes but he is disabling those lights that are not visible with a script...

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You also said you're not using any tone mapping or post processing.

I think the #1 issue is to figure out why your lights require such extreme values.

What I would consider doing is making making a new scene with basic assets to see if the light values are normal.

diagnose that, and the other problems might be solved.

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Also again post your URP render feature, it's the thing attached to your quality settings.

I did! I basically got told (and of course paraphrased) but you picked the wrong settings we wont help because we arent customer support, and customer support then said we cant help we arent technical have you considered signing up for unity pro and the 450 per case help you settings?? um, no dude, I dont have the best part of 3k to throw at you to answer a simple question..

@impheris , yes, i can send you it, but be kind if im dumb .. which is likely, but be kind


i started a conversation with you... but you can also post the link here if you want, also keep posting information

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Ok, so... for what i can see:

1 - You are using "Color" in "Light apparence" and also the color was a dark brown, the brightness of a light can be dimmed if the white values are low, so, that's why you need to use "Filter and Temperature" that's why you needed higher values for intensity... i changed to "Filter and Temperature" with a value of 10 intensity and it looks like this:


Now, there is another problem, your Normal Map texture is using really high values, that's why the shadows looks so hard, i tried modifying the settings on the shader, but i do not understand where to lower those values, i recommend you to make those values public to be able to change it in the editor easily, anyways, i created a simple basic Lit material and applied to that wall,

This is how it looks after baking (Light Intensity = 10 Temperature = 2790):
9818337--1411059--aedfe.jpg I also changed the "Direct, Indirect and Enviroment" samples to make a faster bake

Edit: i set the intensity value to 10 to match the previous appearence

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Ok. So. Where do i find these "also changed the "Direct, Indirect and Enviroment" samples to make a faster bake" ? I could use faster.

Ive never used those settings, they were the same colours et all from the built in...

ok, for the lightmap settings:
Click "window" in the top menu then Rendering > Lighting, there under "lightmap settings" you'll see those values just after "importance sampling" bool... I'm using right now:

So. There is still some funkyness. And it maybe a cross between probuilder and shaders. But some walls are bumpy and textured as i expect. And others are very flat. If on even the lit shaders i have occlusion set to 1 like most of the lit shaders. The funky light happens. If its 0 its all flat and nasty but the lights work.

i am out of my depth but it does seem the issue is at hand i just dont understand enough to fix. My own shader all it does is orientate the texture so walls are horizontal and floors and ceilings vertical. It really is very dull. And as in the above picture i can see textures pointing bricks the right way im confused as to why one half works and one half doesnt.

for me. My biggest issue is when supposedly identical things do different actions/reactions. My head starts pounding and my patience starts evaporating because. From all that i know. They are the same.