Can anyone explain scripts to me and how to use them

i want to make a gun shoot i have the gun and everything set up but i dont understand were scripts come in

Here are some links I strongly suggest to all new users :

Start at the bottom and work up : Unity 3D Student - 3d Modelling

this is the YouTube link for the above as one playlist : Unity Tutorials - Essentials 00 - Projects - - YouTube

That is good to get started. Then start with a small tutorial, this is a simple 2D space shooter : Index of /ProofOfConcept_1 : click on the videos part1.mp4 part2,3,4 =]

I found another by Eric : :

By then you should be getting the hang of things and starting to have ideas of your own. When you decide what kind of game you want to make, then look at each part you’ll need. For example, if you want to make some terrain then walk around it with a character : CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Help - CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Feedback

Basically then just search for tutorials, there are many out there, either written or on youtube.

the Unity Wiki tutorials :

A big list of tutorials : How can I start learning Unity fast? ( List Of Tutorials ) - Unity Answers

A very helpful 'site, all in C# :

Helpful page with information on using Built-In Arrays and Lists (you’ll need this later!) :

The unity wiki link above is very handy with lots of scripts and shaders too (just check out all the links down the left, and the tabs along the top : )

If you know what kind of game you want to make, edit your question and write there what you are thinking of, then there may be a tutorial out there for that, Happy Coding =]

Well a script controls how a Game Object interacts with the world by applying physics to it or making it move or rotate any number of things.

What you need to do is write a script either C# or JavaScript and then attach it to a GameObject. That way the game object will behave according to what the script tells it to do.

Say for instance your scene has a cube in it and you apply attach a script with this in it

      this.transform.position += transform.forward * Time.timedelta;

this will force the cube forward.

I hope this helps you out if this explanation is what you wanted