can anyone provide an example of using "outputAudioMixerGroup"

The documentation is tragically terrible when it comes to examples and the release is too fresh for google to find anything. Anyone have any experience with how to use this?

I just used it in a project and was trying to access the snapshots for a group:

musicOn = GetComponent<AudioSource>().outputAudioMixerGroup.audioMixer.FindSnapshot("MusicOn");
musicOff = GetComponent<AudioSource>().outputAudioMixerGroup.audioMixer.FindSnapshot("MusicOff");

This enabled me to later do:


This plays the music and tells the snapshot to transition to it’s intended state - which in this case was to have the volume at a certain level.

Is that the kind of example you’re after?

btw, the “music” object is an AudioSource and this component was added to the gameObject in the scene that also had the AudioSource attached to it.