Can big problems occur when changing execution order of scripts?

The case with me is I have many gameObjects to which are attached many scripts. When I open the execution order menu I only see one separator called Default time. Let’s say I want to change just one script to be executed before another one. For example just to swap the ex. order of 2 scripts and without affecting anything else. I read the docs about execution order, so no need reciting senteces from there. I read that changing the execution order of some script might also affect the meta data of other scritps which is the thing I don’t want to happen or the thing I don’t understand how does it work. Long story short: I want to make sure 1 script is being executed before another without spoiling any dependecies. How can I achieve that?

  1. make a backup of your project…just in case

  2. Change the execution order of your scripts like you would like to.

  3. Profit…or revert to the backup

Joking aside, the thing is that some of your scripts may already depend on each other in a way that can get messed up if you change the execution order. Thats the main reason it’s ‘dangerous’. It is highly depending on your code and therefore you have to try it to make sure it works, or doesn’t work.

Good luck =)