Can Cloud Code search / pull other player data (read-only) for client-side PvP.

Hi, can I use Cloud Code to search / pull other player data (read-only) for client-side PvP. We'd want to search for an opponent at a similar level then return a object with that player's Id / name and minimal stats to build the client-side opponent.

Had a look at Unity Lobby but we're not providing a proper multiplayer feature.


Hi stud_dious,
Thanks for getting in touch with our team. Very interesting question I can answer the first part regarding Cloud Code. At the moment with cloud code beta you can't interact with other player data however we are evaluating possibilities. We have had very similar requests in the past few months. As soon as I have more information I will be sure to update this post.

Let me dig into the multiplayer question see if I can get a better response.


Thanks for your feedback. I think we were able to do this with Chilli Connect. If this feature is some way out then we'll have to look elsewhere for now unless there's an option within your multiplayer services (without the need for lobbies) that would let us do the same?

Can you clarify exactly what you're looking for with respect to "search/pull other player data"? If you can describe what APIs you were using with Chili Connect I might have a better idea what could be used as a replacement.

I do agree that it sounds like Unity Lobby is not quite what you're looking for since that would be pairing up live players, and you seem to be trying to do some sort of search for data about other players regardless of whether they're online or not. Correct?

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Hi @veleek_unity , thanks for your response. Looking into it, we were using a combination of their Leaderboard and CloudData apis. We'd pull Ids, user/display name and score from the Leaderboard api then related player stats via ClouData (read-only). I've attached some grabs of the calls.
For the new project, I think the intention is to find similarly ranked (probably based on player level) opponents to fight. We'd query the selected opponent Id for relevant stats and pass back to the client to build an AI opponent.
Cheers, s


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And yes, wouldn't matter if the opponents were online or not.

Hi @veleek_unity , just following up on our conversation last week. Is it the case for now that searching / pulling other player data is not possible via Cloud Code or Unity multiplayer apis and is this likely to be possible in the coming months?
Thanks, s