Can Google Analytics for Unity collect data on Demographics?

I’m using the GAv4 plugin found here: GitHub - googleanalytics/google-analytics-plugin-for-unity: Google Analytics plugin for the Unity game creation system
I was able to track objects easily using the documentation as a guide.

I now want to enable Demographics but the only documentation I can find is for iOS and Android plugins or js code: Enable Remarketing and Advertising Reporting Features in Analytics - Analytics Help

There is a tick box on the GAv4 prefab that has a tick box “Send IDFA/AdID” (see screenshot). Is it as simple as ticking this or is there more to it?


Unity does allow demographics. After you have added the prefab. Make sure to tick or enable the last property on that prefab.

You must externally define and call the methods wherever you want the data to be collected.

This will certainly solve your query.