Can Google Play App Signing be used with Unity? (and is it a good idea?)

I’m working on my first android game, I’m trying to understand all that has to be done in order to place a game on the play store, but I’m not sure about a lot of things.

I think I kinda understand how the app signing works, but I read in the google play documentation about the “Google Play App Signing” (see here: Use Play App Signing - Play Console Help)
And it seems like they recomend to use that, but I don’t know if that works correctly with Unity.

So can anyone tell me what the best practice is?

Also, should I use the same key for all my games or a unique one for each? (Or is only one way possible with Unity / Google Play App Signing ?)

Northstar79 did answer one part of your question (because really, you asked two or three questions up there).

Can Unity use Google app signing? Yes. Northstar79 said as much.

Is it a good idea? It depends. The point of signing with Google’s key is to “lock” delivery of your app to Google Play’s store. If your app is free and you don’t mind the APK being uploaded to other stores by anyone who feels like it, then just self-sign. (Why would you want to do this? Well one scenario is if your app is free with ads and you’d like it to spread to as many places for download as possible so get the most downloads and app views possible. If your app is paid then Google signing is added security that only Google Play can deliver and update that app).

One key for all or unique? Are we talking key or signing certificate? IMO use a unique signing certificate for each app, but one key is fine. (Some will argue that is not as secure as a unique key per app/cert).