Can I access a dll plugin from Javascript or only from c#?

After reading, which shows how to access a dll from c#, I am wondering is there a similar process for accessing plugins from Javascript? Or can plugins only be accessed if I write a c# script?

They can only be accessed from C#.

While it says: "Plugins allow your game code (!)(written in Javascript, C# or Boo)(!) to call into native code libraries.",- plugin in the example project given is a C#-based wrapper, that is used by javascript as a method to use native code. So C# dll-access is recommended: "so it is recommended to wrap all native code methods with an additional C# code layer".

It's hard to say for certain, since they say it's only (!)recommended to use c#-wrapper, which might mean there are solutions without it... but I have found no other way so far, so I have to say that c# is obligatory.

P.S. also since one of those solutions would probably be using c# anyways, just without creating a wrapper.

Yes. According to

Note that when using Javascript you
will need to use the following syntax,
where DLLName is the name of the
plugin you have written, or
“__Internal” if you are writing
statically linked native code:

@DllImport (DLLName)
static private function FooPluginFunction () : float {};