Can I access these properties of the vehicle PhysX engine?

Hi Im a PhysX Developer, Im using PhysX, OpenGL pure code(freelancer). After looking on the following tutorial I motivated that change my Vehicle simulation to a thing such as the tutorial physic. After opening the scene in Unity, i can see some of the PhysX parameters such as

var CenterOfMass, 

var wheelRadius : float = 0.4;

var suspensionRange : float = 0.1;

var suspensionDamper : float = 50;

var suspensionSpringFront : float = 18500;

var suspensionSpringRear : float = 9000;

But what about NxWheel Parameters!? i mean somethings such as










However when can i found source code of the tutorial, car object(car.js) is not all. And also Do the NX_WF_CLAMPED_FRICTION| NX_WF_WHEEL_AXIS_CONTACT_NORMAL flags used on NxWheel !?

Thank you very much for any help. H.Ahmadi

Unity's Wheels are controlled exclusively with the WheelCollider component, so anything in the WheelCollider script reference is what you have to work with. The bottom of the first link contains references to properties that you were talking about in your post, so I don't know if that can be of some help to you or not. These are the only properties available for you to work with in standard Unity scripting, nothing else.