Can I add Blender as a unity Add-on? name is kareem. I have a problem with multitasking which is preventing me from being good at developing. I can’t open programs like blender and unity at the same time, I mean, unity alone is ok but blender or 3dsmax along, no. so I had this whacky idea, why don’t I add my own level editing, lightmapping and modeling add-ons ? isn’t programs like DELED and Blender open source? can’t I just take that source out and make my own plugins that will make unity a full all-in-one game developing tool? if I can’t would someone recommend me a good modeling plugin? and why the unity store never works for me? I download and download, nothing ever helps. please and thank you.

I don’t know why you are having such problems except that your machine is old and/or does not have enough RAM. There are several plugins you can get from the Asset Store that do what you are talking about. If you are having problems using that store, report bugs to Unity.