Can i add objects to a Gameobject array in cresent order without specify the position?

i’m trying to make a chess that you can draw the pieces

Hello @Ui_Sliced we would need more info on what exactly you’re trying to do. But. If you want to just add items without worrying about order and size array there are many tools to do that. Probably you’ll want to use a 1 (click on that link for info). You can do it like:

List<GameObject> objectsList = new List<GameObject>();
objectsList.Add(new GameObject()); // new object example
objectsList .Add(customObject); // your object example

But that is chess, for the table positions you’ll want to use an Multidimensional Array. It’s not as easy as Lists but they can easily keep the coordinates for you. You’ll have a learn curve on that. You could also use a Hashtable and use a string with the chess coordinate as your key (“A1” for example)