Can I apply locomotion system to fps?


Can I apply the locomotion system to fps player or it is only for 3rd person shooter?

If no, then is there another way to make fps player dynamically walk on uneven terrain?

The locomotion system is mainly meant to cause nice animations and thus is best used with third person view since you get to appreciate all the motions the character makes. You should be able to take the third person locomotion sample and just replace the camera, no? I haven't used it myself but I can't see why there would be problems doing so. I would be surprised if the locomotion system actually moved anything by itself. I am under the impression it only enhance animation.

What i would do is allow a button press to change camera from third to first person. e.g when attacking.

That way you can enjoy other features and playing about with other things (You can indeed use locomotion with first person)

Just get it set up right and attach the camera correctly.