Can I attach MonoBehaviours in dlls that don't immediately inherit from MonoBehaviour?

When I build an assembly in .NET and include it in my Unity Project, I seem to be able to use any of my classes that directly inherit from MonoBehaviour onto my gameobjects (as per usual), as they appear under the assembly.

However when I have a class that inherits from another class, which then inherits from MonoBehaviour (so, in this example, it’s two layers deep), the class doesn’t appear in the expanded view of what is available in the assembly.

I’m assuming this is a bug in Unity, because having a MonoBehaviour anywhere in its hierarchy tree should be adequate enough to say it’s a MonoBehaviour. Note, this does work fine when not inside a C# dll.

So my question is: is it just me, or is it just not possible to use MonoBehaviours from an assembly unless their immediate ancestor in the inheritance tree is MonoBehaviour?

Did a test with Unity 4.3 and it works now!