Can i build an app with my provision but someone else sell it?

hi guys,

I have a developer license. So when i create games for some client and they want to sell it over their own "name", do they have to build the final build with their own provision or is it somehow possible that i build it with my distribution provision and they can put it onto their appstore page?

Cause i couldn't use distribution provisions when i am a Teammember of another apple developer.

Thanks in advance, Sven

If the company you're developing for has a company or enterprise developer program they should be able to add you to development team so you can get rights to build using their certificates/provisioning profile.

Another way to solve it is to deliver a zip file of the xcode project created with Unity and let them do the final build.

But would it also work if they give me their login informations, i generate a new license with my key, and make a distribution build. Will they be able to put it into their own account?

Cause Team Members are somehow not able to do distribution builds at all. We tried that before.