Can I change the pivot point??

Can I change the pivot point from Unity??!

All I’d like to do is to move the pivot point in a gun to the cannon. Can I do this from Unity?


Check this out. Have not tried it, but says it does what you need:

link SetPivot

I am working this right now. I will try it. I have added other transparent objects to move the average pivot point around. This is not the way to go about this. Moray and POV-ray allow the developer to move the pivot point adhoc. This is a very powerful feature and relieves numerous efforts of finding out how to do this in a package or finding out the downfall that it cant

youtube This did not work. Unity has some serious [Not fully tested]. My skew problem is due to multiple assets in a game object. I adjust the children and the parent pivot links to the skewed pivot.

@Unity3d: Real programmers test their work and fix it. These annoying problems tell me there are flying subscripts deep in the system that will eventually corrupt your game. And you won't be able to find them... Any reverse psychology for me would be grateful. My insanity is winning.