Can i Connect One rigidbody with Two moving ridigbodies?

i have 2 moving rigidbodies.
i have another rigidbody.

can i connect the third rigidbody with the 2 moving rigidbodies? if so then how?

may be fixed joint can help here bt can it be done with this 1:2 manner?

case 1: the 2 rigidbodies are moving at the same speed
case 1: the 2 rigidbodies are moving at a different speed
currently i am woriking in the 1st scenario, bt if 2nd scenario occurs what will happen?

Create two joints components and attach a rigidbody to each one. Say you want to connect objectA to objectB and ObjectC, all having rigidbodies. Add two FixedJoint components to objectA (you can try different joints to see what’s more appropiate for your use).

Fill the connected rigidbody property of the first joint by dragging ObjectB on it, and do the same with the second joint, by dragging ObjectC on it. Now you have ObjectA connected to both objects.