can i connect some few scenes?

hello everybody! i am want to make an war game and when i make all the scene for the missions so my question is can i connect my scenes togheter for make the game full of missions? and if yes then can i put between the missions videos? and if yes how?

Yes you can. The simplest way is to call Application.LoadLevel when your game should progress to the next scene. (In Unity, the terms "Level" and "Scene" are synonymous).

For information about getting started using movies in unity, see this manual page.

if you have unity pro you can connect them in a seamless way without any loading screen using LoadLevelAsync. if you want loading screens you can use LoadLevel. you can load new scenes and add them to the current scene with LoadLevelAdditive and LoadLevelAdditiveAsync too. for playing a movie you need unity pro too. you should create a Movie Texture and then show it in a GUI or GUITexture.