Can I connect two camera's to each other?

Hello everyone! I am very new to coding, barely know anything. I am creating a third-person game and when I right-click, the camera is supposed to get closer and I am supposed to be able to aim.

I got it to work by adding a second camera, closer to the player, in the position that I want it to look (it is also attached to the player so it will follow them). My issue is that I can’t get that camera to move. Ideally, I want it to move as I move my original camera. Because of the position, the raycasting is connected to the immobile camera and not the original camera. Is there a way to make both cameras move together?

You can possibly try to make the second camera a child of the first camera, by clicking and dragging the second camera to the first. That way, any movement the first camera does, the second camera will follow.