Can I copy an Input profile to another project?

I have this project (NVidia Shield demo) which has 132 axes. I want to have that set of axes available to my game which is already developed. But 132 axes to copy over by hand, so I can get NVidia to work with it, seem tedious beyond belief. Is there a way to either export/import Input settings, or somehow copy them to another project (without having to export/import my game into this demo)?

I haven’t tried it, just now found it on google “unity3d copy input settings” search.

Edit :
The way mentioned in the link does work, I tried it after we found the right folder to look in for newer versions, in case anyone else stumbles through here wondering. @artie updated the original forum post found in the above link.

How To :

Open [Your Project Folder] → [ProjectSettings] → then copy/drop the file “InputManager.asset” into another project/projectSettings folder and remove that ones original file.