Can I create a 64x64 resolution 3D game in Unity?

Can I force the resolution of my game to render at 64x64 (for example) and have it upscale to fullscreen?
(other than camera with rendertarget. since I don’t have pro)

(I want to achieve this look: Game Jolt - Share your creations )

With my computer it works ! (If i understand what you want)

in Js: Screen.SetResolution (64,64,true);

This segond line combined with a guitext authentify that it run in 64*64 (i suppose) guiText.text = Screen.width.ToString()+" "+Screen.height.ToString();

And it say 64 64 !)

The thing is the game must be in fulscreen before the resolution change to avoid strange semi-fulscreen bug …

Not without using rendertextures.