Can I create a game in 2d? puedo crear un juego en 2d?

I am searching for how to create a game in 2D.
A two-player table game, either online, against an AI or two players on the same device I do not care, but I want to know if Unity is layers to perform these functions.
This has more than one board at the player’s choice, but you can not create your own board but choose one.

Busco crear un juego en 2D.
Un juego de mesa de dos jugadores, el que sea online, contra una IA o en dos jugadores en un mismo dispositibo no me importa pero quiero saber si Unity es capas de realizar estas funciones.
Este posee mas de un tablero a eleccion del jugador pero el no podra crear uno propio sino elejir uno.

Some games made using unity:

Unity can make whatever game you want, it’s more about you than unity. Are you able to do a online game? Do not think the tool will do it for you.