Can I create a game which would help in speech therapy for kids?

Can I create a game which would help in speech therapy for kids and make the session more engaging for kids?

I’m not sure what you’re really asking here? You can make a game about whatever you want. Are you looking for help to make such a game?

A bit like @Mikekiero86 said, it’s a bit vague what you’re asking about, and you can make a game about pretty much anything.

If it’s any help, I have accidentally made a game that’s really loved by speech therapists and kids with language delays, and I have also made a not good follow-up product by trying to make a speech therapy game on purpose.

I haven’t tried to analyse why, but my guess is:
The successful game focused on short simple silly fun for young kids, and it just happened by luck to be something therapists found creative ways of using. I made this in the mindset of a game designer, putting every design towards what would be fun for the kids to get the most content and enjoyment out of the game.

The unsuccessful game focused on things that I thought a speech therapist might want to do in a session, and the experience for the kids was a bit static and lacked joy. I made this with a mindset of a tool maker, thinking of configuration options that would be really helpful for therapists, but there was no point having custom activity sets and adposition categories if the kids never want to play it because it’s dry.

Without knowing your particular context, all I can really advise on is to focus on the fun parts and sound and movement and create stuff specifically for the kids that lights them up and makes kids smile… and leave the admin and decision-making things like notes and checklists and plans off the app for the therapists to decide on themselves and track quietly on the side.