Can I create a subclass of the GameObject class?

The reason I ask is mainly to educate myself. I currently have a set of 10 prefabs that are instantiated at runtime. I want each of these to have a set of attributes associated with them.

I know that I could attach a script to each prefab that has the attributes on it, but a subclass of GameObject might enable me to create objects in code for each prefab that would inherit the attributes from the subclass of GameObject. I’m very new to c# and Unity, so I’m sorry if this sounds totally absurd. if there is a more “elegant” solution, I’m all ears. Thanks.

GameObject is a sealed class so it cannot be derived. However, you are probably looking to derive from MonoBehaviour which is the default inheritance when you make a new c# script in Unity.

You can create your class

using UnityEngine;

public class MyDerivedMonoBehaviour : MonoBehaviour
    //Customize it as you want here.

After you create that class you can instantiate just like a you would a gameObject prefab with the following modification:

var myDerivedInstance = Instantiate<MyDerivedMonoBehaviour>(prefab);

Good luck!