can I create Card Games with Unity ?

can I create Card Games (2d) with Unity like Poker or Solitaire? A use case already existis? Can unity 3d help in card game creation with easy and fun way? tks

unity is the most fun engine to use. all users love to use it and it's power is not the only reason for us. you can use prefabs and planes and plane colliders to create card games easily. even you can use 2D GUI to create your game and you can download card pictures from the net and even download games code from the net. you can even create cards with rigidbodies and really drop them and create natural piles and ... you can use .NET's libraries and C# to create your logic code and even use other C# classes made for pocker logic and ... give it a try and you will love your experience with unity.

With SpriteManager2 I see a card game being very simple to code. They even give you the “drag and drop” functionality.