Can I create skybox images from a scene within Unity?

I thought I saw something in the Unity docs about this, but can’t find it again…

What I’d like to do is create a complex scene in Unity (e.g. containing distant buildings, mountains, etc) and then be able to generate a set of images from this scene (cube projection) to use to create a new skybox for a different project/scene. I could use Blender to create a skybox, but for consistency it would be great to create it in Unity.

Any ideas?

To get this working I used Camera.RenderToCubemap:

For the target cubemap I set the face size to 1024. Inside Unity it’s just a case of clicking play, and then going to GameObjectRender into Cubemap.

Create a skybox, and choose “cubemap” as the texture, then drag the cubemap into the skybox.

To extract actual PNG images of each of the cubebox faces, you can use the suggestions on this thread:

Try my blog entry under the section “creating dynamic cubemaps”

I really want do to this in runtime although not realtime. It seems Camera.RenderToCubemap could be used for this purpose and for example use a center point in a room, place a camera there and then render that camera to the cubemap, set that as skybox and have all reflective stuff be a tad more realistic than a generic one. Not having these pre-generated is a great benefit as it would eliminate the process of baking stuff every time you change stuff. And by making more of these it would be possible to change the cubemap on the fly perhaps so that another room has a different one. Anyone here who has done this?