Can I deactivate a messagebox without any scripting?

Greetings to you all!

I did some research about my problem in advance through Google, but I found only solutions WITH scripting.

Today I started to build up my first “something” I could call a game at some day, if I’m up to see it to the end.

From a button and a message box tutorial videos in YouTube I learned to make basic buttons and two basic(?) message boxes.

Through poking around between the button object and a panel with text in it I was able to open a message box through clicking a button.
I did this without scripting, since I kinda like the way to get stuff working without scripting (as long as I can help to avoid it).

So, through the GameObject.SetActive -command (chosen from the dropdown list) I managed to open the message box. I added an X-button on the messagebox and hoped to find a function similar to mentioned before to do the reverse action - again, without coding.

To my slight astonishment however, I didn’t see any of the sort. I couldn’t find any alternative function available in the dropdown list to my little X-button in my message box to close my message box. (Or I couldn’t know/understand that any of the given commands could do the trick)

Is there any way to get a function to close a message box (through a button inside the message box) without coding?
If not, I need to figure out, how to code the function and how to add it in the right place =(

Thanks in advance!

(I also wish to be able to reopen that message box when you click the same button, so I am not looking for options to completely/fully disable the message box)

Unless you literally have a full “for dummies” engine in Unity (like RPG Maker), you won’t be able to do anything significant without scripting. To make a messagebox close when a button is pressed in the same message box, add a button component to the game object you want to act as a button, then open up your message box script, add a function that looks something like this:

public void CloseMessageBox(GameObject MessageBox)

And add that method to the button component OnClick() Unity Event.

If you want the function to act as a toggle, use this:

public void ToggleMessageBox(GameObject MessageBox)