Can i Destroy GameObject on Load?

i want to destroy one gameObjet affter i restart my level, i press the button and then when it starts the level gameObject is Destroyed it’s not in my game any more can i make this ?

You’ll need to add this code to where you want the object to be destroyed.
If you press Enter, the current level will restart and destroy the given game object that you will specify. See here for more information on how you can destroy game objects. You can also change the key that you want to use that will trigger the object’s destruction simply by changing the value in KeyCode.

void Start()

		//If the game restarts what should we do?
		if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Enter))
					//Restart the current level
			// Destroy the game object

You should have your script destroy the object in the method OnLevelWasLoaded(int Level), this will be called whenever a level is loaded.