Can I develop Unity with C# on Linux

I don’t want to switch to Windows. Can I develop my whole game on Linux with C#?

Sure you can! Why not? Everything works fine. I’ve only seen one extra bug in the Linux editor. but consider that my unity isn’t the latest version.


I personally run it on Arch Linux and it should run fine on many Linux Distros like ubuntu and other popular ones.

On Arch, there’s a wiki page that points to the stable and beta releases:

It can be installed from its package manager

sudo pacman -S unity-editor

On ubuntu/debian you can grab the deb over here:

A Preview was released in 2012 and First experimental releases appeared in 2015, it’s now getting more stable.

As of today, you won’t be able to create ios and mac builds unless you pay for cloud builds, but nothing prevents you to have a mac slave and nothing prevents your from creating the whole game on linux using C# or Javascript in the editor love, even emacs or vim, but unity should come with the usual Monodevelop.

You will be able to develop the whole game on unity linux. I personally had a few crashes from time to time, but save project/scenes/prefabs often and it will be fine.

VSCode, (Visual Studio Code) and Monodevelop both kind-of sort-of work when it comes to C# scripting in Unity, but they don’t suggest the full range of functions, methods or properties like Visual Studio on Mac/Windows does.

This really makes things pretty hard, because I tend to vaguely-remember (e.g.) what properties a Rigidbody has, but I won’t remember them all, nor will I remember the many different parameter-signatures you can use. (I tried reinstalling mono and monodevelop, and I installed VSCode from the Ubuntu Software Centre).