Can I develop Windows 8 games on Mac with unity?

Only computer I have that has a graphics card is a Mac. I have an old laptop with Windows 8 but it uses Intel HD graphics 3000.

Can I develop Windows 8 games on the Mac and test them on the Mac as well?

Will my cheapest option be just buying a Windows 8 disc and dual boot it on my Mac?

P.S. New to Unity:)


Dual booting will certainly work. You won't be able to build the games on OS X, but you can develop on it if you prefer.

Whats the difference between building and developing?

in short develop = editor, build = create version for real use

developing in editor only for several weeks or months and then later doing a real test is not a good idea unless you are experienced and know what differences there can be (and mostly not even then)

Ah. Okay I think I got it:).

I appreciate all the help:) Thank you:)

Ostwind gave a pretty good explanation.

Basically, developing is using the editor to make scenes, game content, write scripts. Building is compiling/deploying that created game to the device.