Can I disable the Unity preloader so that assets appear progressively as they load?

For simplicity sake let’s say I have a web build with three assets in it: a ground plane/terrain, a box and a light. Lets assume these take 40 seconds to load.

Is it possible to skip/disable the preloader and have the scene appear progressively as the assets are loaded? For example, the ground may have the shortest loading time and appear first in 10 secs, 20 secs later the box is loaded and appears, 10 secs later the light appears etc etc. The difference being here is that instead of watching a preloader count down for 40 seconds, you are watching the scene assets load one after the other. Here is an example of what I’m talking about: Progressive Loading

How could I achieve something like this?

No, levels / scenes are always loaded as a whole things. You can have cross references between objects in the scene so all objects have to be available.

What you can do is to use a very small loading scene. Make sure it contains almost no assets. That means don’t use the Resources folder and keep the loading scene as simple as possible. Now you can put parts of your level into seperate scenes and load them with Application.LoadLevelAdditive. Keep in mind to check the “streamed” checkbox at the building page so the game starts after the first level is loaded.

For more information see the streaming page

Build the assetbundle seperatly will get the Effect. plane assetbundle box assetbundle scene assetbundle(leave dependencies here)

4.write a xml for object to load

5.load the xml first.

6.load the scene write in xml and load it.

7.load the plane write in xml and Instantiate it.

8.load the box write in xml and Instantiate it.

I build my webgame in this way and works fine.