Can I display the console ouput on the 3D object?,Can I display output from the console on the 3D object?

I am c# and unity beginner. When I write script with "Debug.Log(“Hello world”);, I see that message inside the console. But what if I would like this message on my 3D object (for example on the cube) or as a text via the camera? Is it possible? If yes can you give me some advice what functions are responsible for that?

Thank you all in advance.

Edit: I forgot to mention that the message which I want to display on the object is generated by the C# script.


When you write Debug.Log, you are explicitly telling unity to output to the console. If you want to have ‘Hello World’ written in your game space, you can use 3D text, via a Textmesh or use UI text components.

If you are a beginner, I really recommend working through the free tutorials on the Unity site. They are a great reference to get you learning. If you need clarification on any points come back here to Answers and ask away :slight_smile: