Can I do a project that integrates Kinect and Oculus Rift using Unity?

I’ve been trying to do some research about whether they are compatible, and if they are compatible, where to begin in coding and what software programs to use. This is my first experience in dealing with Unity, and I don’t really know the requirements for it.

Actually, i was thinking about starting a similar project. I connected both my kinect 1.0 (the one for xbox 360) and the oculus commercial release version (as of Oct 2016) to my windows PC. It seemed that they didn’t interfere with each other (I was expecting something wrong with the depth detection because they are both shooting infrared markers, but turned out they are cool with each other).

Well, easiest way I can think of, you use unity with oculus SDK/utility, do you logic and stuff in there. Either you can integrate the C# version of kinect SDK to your unity project, or you can write another program that communicate with the kinect project via socket or whatever.


@teddyKenshiro actually I’ve decided to work with Samsung gear VR instead, because it’s hard to order an Oculus Rift where I live and get it delivered in a reasonable time. Do you think this would still work? And also, what do you think of working on Android SDK to create the VR app? Or do I have to deal with Unity? (I only know Java and my project’s due in two months, I doubt I’d have the time to learn C# or Javascript). Thanks a lot for your help!