Can I do a "rotatory" UI like this?

Hi, I’m making the UI for my game and I want to add this effect to it: CRYSIS 3 Menu and Options - YouTube (There is a video of my property, just what I searched it to explain better)

If you look, the interface moves with the mouse movement, I want to do something like this, but I have tried so many different ways that I could think without great results.

I will appreciate all the help that you can offer to me. Thanks.

I assume you’re using Unity 4.6+ UI? If so, just set your canvas to exist in world space and rotate either it, or your camera, based on the mouse’s distance from the canvas’s center.

I have a subtle touch of this in my game - less obvious than this video. I did it by rotating the camera to LookAt() a fraction of the mouse position. LookAt(Input.mousePosition * 0.02f). Since my canvas’s center is the world origin, this creates the intended effect quite easily.

How you approach this will vary somewhat depending on your project, but the principle is the same.

If not using 4.6+ UI, the principle is the same, but this effect cannot be [easily] achieved with the legacy GUI system.