Can I downgrade my license from Unity Pro to Unity Plus now?

I’ve been paying for the Unity pro license for several months now at 75$/month for the year commitment. Now seeing Unity expand their offers as far as licensing goes, Unity Plus really is what I was originally looking for as a developer. Is there an option to go from my 75$/month plan down to the Unity Plus package? This would be really good since it would better fit my budget and still offer me the support i need from this amazing engine. I’m not necessarily looking for compensation, just curious about transitioning to Plus from the old Pro (75$/month). Any info is greatly appreciated.

From Unity’s FAQ page.

I subscribed to Unity Pro before the launch of the new licensing. I make
under $200K a year, can I switch to a
Plus subscription?

No, you cannot stop or cancel your
current commitment period and start a
new subscription to Plus. Only at the
end of your current commitment period
can you subscribe to Plus if you are
earning less than $200k/year. However,
we will soon contact all $75, $150 and
$225 subscribers with a special offer
to upgrade to the new Pro.

If I am understanding correctly, Unity is transitioning existing subscribers in groups. I received an email today from Unity saying they’d get back to me in July (?) with an email for claiming my new subscription.

Just revoke your credit card and let them cry.
As Unity is so poor not to allow downgrade, do it.