Can I download videos at runtime?

I am attempting to set up a system for mobile that allows viewing videos. Obviously I’d like to avoid having to save each one to the mobile device, unless the user specifies they’d like to do that. I can’t use assetbundles because of the lack of support for movietextures on mobile, but I can’t seem to find a way to get Handheld.PlayFullscreenMovie working the way I’d like it to.

I discovered my problem. As Graham mentioned, the first parameter can be network based, but it doesn’t accept certain protocols. Specifically in my case, it doesn’t accept HTTPS based requests. When I changed the URL to simply HTTP, it worked.

The first parameter, path, can be a network-based URL. The function will detect that by looking for a “://” substring that follows the protocol name.

Yes you can. Try Apowerssoft Video Download Capture. This tool has a video detector which detects a video that is currently playing and then download it to your computer. I’ve been using it for long whenever I wish to download live streaming videos.