Can I easily move between free and pro IDEs?

I have access to the pro version of Unity at my institution, but only the free version at home. I aim to work on my game at both locations, and keep in synch via version control.

Assuming I employ some pro features (I don’t know which yet), will I be able to easily switch between free and pro development environments? In the best case, I imagine pro features gracefully disabling themselves when I’m using the free IDE, and becoming available again when I’m on the pro IDE. In the worst case, I would lose the pro features every time and have to redo / re-configure / re-enable them. Which scenario can I anticipate, or is it feature-specific?

Check that it isn’t against the terms of the EULA to build a project that uses Pro and Free versions at the same time for your situation as that is in violation of the EULA for “Legal Entities”.

Features gracefully disable, though code which relies on them may throw errors.