Can I Enable the Toolbar in Monodevelop 4x?

I am using Monodevelop 4.0.1 currently for my Unity scripting and do miss the toolbar from previous versions. Yes, there are keyboard shortcuts for saving et cetera, but my fingers seem rather fumbly, which wouldn’t be a bother in most other software I use (keyboard shortcuts are utilised with abandon). Undo and so on. I am very, very new to scripting for games and am a saving maniac, so, if some kind ‘soul’ could take into consideration all of the above stated… I would lubs, lubs, lubs to reclaim the save button. The old toolbar in general, actually. But particularly save.

Please have mercy, I’m not being lazy, I’ve scoured the Monodevelop menus and online resources for the answer and have found… nothing.

Help? A thousand thanks in advance.

Nope, sorry doesn’t look like it