Can I fake physics?

I’ve been following a series of tutorials on how to make a simple multiplayer FPS game. He shows us how to set up PUN (Photon Unity Network) multiplayer. Apparently, PUN is not good for syncing anything that has to do with physics. I want to make a throwing knife that players can throw at eachother (odd, I know). Of course this requires physics. Is it possible to fake it, maybe using ray casting? Is my logic correct? With no physics is there a way I could still see a knife flying in the air?

Usually when people talk about not using physics they mean not using Rigidbody.AddForce and instead using Translate and Rotate to move objects. It’s easy to imagine how you could simulate the arc of a knife flying through the air with translate, just do something like (pseudocode):


Move up (2);
Move Forward (3);
Move Down (i);
i ++;
//(to simulate gravity accelerating you downward) 

As for hitting someone with the knife, you could use raycasts but you’ll probably be happier with the general feel of a spherecast. It can detect collisions inside a volume of space easily.