Can i find which script destroy my GO?

So, I have one projectile. When its side-collide with any other projectile - other projectile destroying, but on both projectiles not called OnTriggerEnter2D or OnCollisionEnter2D (it is 2D game and on both projectiles uses CircleColliders and Rigidbody2D.

And if its collide face-to-face - its normal behaviour.

So, how i can find which script destroying projectile if destroying in Unity released it its own stack.

1 - wrong behaviour (events not called)
2 - normal behaviour (events called)

UPDATE: there is no checked components “collision” or “Trigger” on any child Shuriken and any child layers cannot collide with enemies projectiles

Found problem solution, it was circlecast coroutine on top of top bullet, but in common, can I found which script destroying my GO?