Can I force BaseInputModule.Process to fire when window does not have focus?

After searching for an intermittent UI bug, I learned that BaseInputModule.Process() does not fire if the app window loses focus. Is there some setting to force Process() to run even in the background?

Edit > Project Settings > Player > Resolution and Presentation > Run in Background is checked. Everything else runs in the background, just not the input system it seems.

My use case is a VR app, where someone else might use the PC while a person is playing in VR. I’m using SteamVR’s interaction system which relies on BaseInputModule for UI button clicks. I can bypass it for now, but would like a permanent solution. Or maybe this is a bug in Unity 5.5.2f1?

I have the same problem, how do you bypass it, or did you find a fix?


After a little more research I found an answer HERE

You can see how it works HERE if you search for OnApplicationFocus

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