Can I get GUI to appear slightly curved or rounded?

I want to experiment with a little, futuristic, space-oriented, first-person game where the player will wear a helmet that displays information to them, like the condition of their limbs or something. Naturally, the front of the helmet is rounded and I want the GUI to appear as though it’s being displayed directly on this round, transparent front panel. So, it must be slightly curved. Is this possible?

About 35 seconds into this game-play video of Star Citizen, you can see the player begin to move around. In the top-left and top-right corners, you can see some of the interface that is being displayed. It’s slightly curved, and it looks awesome!

Is there anything I can do to achieve this look?

Also, I do understand that I’m probably dreaming quite big for thinking that I can achieve GUI that is of Star Citizen quality, (because the game is very well-known for being of insanely high quality) but note that I am only paying attention to the GUI shown in the video, and nothing else. Heh Heh.

Well, you could try to use Text3D instead of GUIText.