Can I get some profile output inside unity iphone's editor itself?

I'm going to need to start improving the performance of some of my scripts soon, and i've done a few tests on the iphone with the profiler enabled.

I managed to measure how much of an improvement switching from safe and slow execution gave me, as well as a few simple optimisations in my own scripts. However it didn't take long to realise that its not exactly an ideal turn around time to change something, export an xcode project, run xcode and build the project, upload the project onto the iPhone, and retest it. Especially so when using the older iPhone/touch devices where uploading an app to the phone takes that much longer!!!!

I realise that on the iPhone you get a very nice measure of true performance but i'd personally love to see the ability to get similar profile output pushed to the log output whilst running inside Unity iPhone, this would offer the same high speed iteration that everything else in Unity promotes.

I realise that the timings discovered during this would be nothing like the timings on a real iPhone but i'd hope that the speed ups you could measure on the computer would have a similar effect running on a real iPhone.

So here's the question, is this possible now with some hidden option?!?


It's not possible. We do our best to make sure that you get the quickest feedback cycles we can give you. For measuring actual device performance, the only way to go is to actually use the device. Any sort of performance simulation we could provide would pretty much be useless, as you would always need to check it on the actual device.