can I get the script component of of itself without GetComponent()?

I have a script (lets say its called “theScript”) that is storing itself into a List for some easier performance later on, and to do so I’m using theList.Add(gameObject.GetComponent<theScript>());

However, it feels like a waste to use GetComponent when I’m getting the script that Is technically itself. Is there a way for a script to understand that IT IS a component and to cache it without using an expensive function like GetComponent?

For example theList.Add(Component.this); this could cut back some performance, as I could be calling it almost fifty times at the beginning of each scene.

Thanks in advance!

If the list is List<Component> then you can use theList.Add(this);

figured it out,

it works to just use theList.Add(this);

I should have tried this earlier, but hopefully this helps someone in the future. I assume this cuts performance down significantly, if someone knows more about performance costs surrounding this, please comment!