can i have reflections on a self illuminated bumped diffuse object ?

i have a wooden floor using a self illuminated shader and need to get any sort of reflections going on please help [9037-screen+shot+2013-03-14+at+02.19.27.png|9037]

Custom scripting. Try the Unify Community Wiki or visit the Unity docs.

Why are you using a self iliminating shader? Why not have the lights do the illuminating? Just a question?
For reflections you should use a shader which uses a cube map, make a cube map of the room, and apply it.
check out Cube Mapper in the Asset store, if its not free, its very cheap…
Comes with shaders, and nift utility to make the cubemaps automatically…

Does anyone know if this is possible? I’m in the same boat as the original poster…baking in c4d and using self illuminated materials in Unity. Is it possible to add a cubemap to that material for reflections?