Can I have Type variable in unity inspector?

Can I have Type variable in unity inspector?

Already answered (see @Bunny83 answer, not mine.

The answer of @Bunny83 is not good enough because it requires instance of the object.

I hope Unity allow this in the future. To directly have reference to .NET Type.

Unity can not serialize System.Type variables. However you can create workarounds.

Your question is very short and not very detailed so we don’T know what you actually want. What kind of types you want to edit / assign in the inspector? How do you want them to select / create / specify?

.NET Type can be created from fully qualified string name. So theoretically you can serialize it as string. But you can choose it from the list of all loaded types. If Unity ever bother to do that. Otherwise if it is just string it is not enforced.

I need it so that user can choose to specify custom Type Factory - a type that inherits from specific interface. This is very common practice in software development.