Can i import a blender animated tree to unity3d and make sure the tree keeps being animated?

Hello everyone I wanted to ask if I can import my animated tree from Blender to Unity if so how would I do it? Also I wanted to ask how would I make my tree do the animated over and over. So pretty much the tree waves a bit and leaves fall just want to know how to make it keep doing it over and over.

Hi :slight_smile:

So let’s start from the begining.

1st you do your animation in blender.

2nd Switch to the animation view (in blender)

3rd Select everything (press “A”) and go to File–>Export–> .fbx30771-fbxoptions.jpg

Make sure you select the “Include Animations” option.

4th drag it to your unity project assets

5th in the unity inspector click on the animations tab and check the “loop time” checkbox. Apply the modifications.

6th drag the prefab to your map.

7th click on the little arrow near the prefab (in the assets folder) and drag the animation clip to the object that you draged to your map


8th Click in the draged object.Now take a look on the inspector. There will be a component named “Animator”. Click on the controller and choose your animation.

I hope i helped :slight_smile: