Can I import clothing attached to a character that has already been imported into Unity?

I made a character in Blender, and I am wondering if after I import it into unity, will I still be able to make clothes for it that are attached to the character’s Armature, and import them into Unity? I don’t want to import it if I can’t create clothes for it after.

They won’t be connected to the player anymore…but you could still put the clothes as children of the person.

If you skin the clothing to the same bone structure, and export the bones with the clothing, they can be ‘attached’ to the original rig used for the character, and the skin weights for the clothing can be transferred to be driven by the original character rig. I don’t know the exact process, but several people have discussed this process in the forums.

Research character creator, and swappable clothing in the forum and you should come up with some results.