Can I import my own terrain model into Unity and use the terrain editing and texture paint tools in Unity?

I'm creating my own terrain in Maya and I would like to do the texture/foiliage painting in Unity when I import my model in. The problem is, I don't know how to do it, if it's even possible.

If it is possible, would my models have to be based like a height map. On top of that, is it possible to use terrain editing tools on imported objects?

Thanks in advance!

The terrain tools work with the terrain heightmap only. You can use this to convert a mesh to a heightmap.

Eric that script is not working. Maybe I'm doing it wrong but in the terrain menu I have the "Object to Terrain" button. when I select my mesh and click on the button its saying "no mesh selected".

can you help me please and thanks in advance.

i have the same probleme.

You have to have a Unity terrain AND a terrain mesh to get this to work.

And boy howdy this works brilliantly!!!

Thank You Thank You Thank You for this tool!

I have no object to terrain button in the terrain menu!what am i doing wrong???

i have no “Object to Terrain” button in the terrain menu!!plz help me!what am i doing wrong?

Try this link…